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I just finished the first research project on the Vibra Slim Pro weight loss system, and the results are in! I have 5 test subjects, and the average over all was a loss of 6 inches (waist, hips and thighs) and the average pounds lost is 4.5 pounds!! This was over ONLY 10 sessions using the Vibra Slim Pro, and whole body vibration machine for a total of 30 minutes each session. Highest weight loss was 5 pounds and most inches lost was 7.75 inches. I am asking the test subjects to write a short assessment of their experience. The rules were, "don't do anything different than what you are already doing", and let's see the results. The protocol says "with exercise and proper eating habits", you should lose 1 to 2 dress sizes in 10 sessions. I would say that this was accomplished without the proper eating habits and no more exercise than normal.* 

Cheri R.




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I discovered your machine a couple of years ago after being hospitalized with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever caused from a tick bite. This dangerous and often fatal disease left me with constant pain in my joints, especially in the hip and knees. After only a few sessions, ALL joint pain disappeared and I could function normally again. An added bonus is that the chronic sinus infections that I've had my entire life are also gone. I've been doing the treatments for two years now for my clients with many great success stories. I recommend this machine for commercial use due to the ease of sterilization, low occurrence of replacement parts, reasonable cost and great customer service. This company has something hard to come these days...integrity! Thanks Michael!*

 Shari B.

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