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The Ionic Foot Detox Machine (View More)

BBS has partnered with Dr. Ronald Cusson, a top US physicist, to develop and design our Detox Ionic Foot Bath System. It is through this partnership that we’ve developed a cutting edge system that is more advanced than any other detox system on the market. Built with the highest grade materials and provide the safest, most advanced detox system available. Help rid your body of harmful pollutants we eat, breath and absorb everyday and feel alive again. Our Revive Cleanse Systems are also and excellent treatment of Lyme Disease.

Vibroacoustic VAT or Frequency Massage Table and Chair Systems (View More)

Unlike other vibration chairs, these chairs get deep in the body penetrating all the way to your organs, tissues and cells. Our chairs don’t just vibrate you, they resonate. We use low frequencies to penetrate through your body, helping to relax you in ways you only imagined.

No massage from a person will ever match up to our frequency systems. Your body will experience pure bliss as the frequencies begin to harmonize with your inner being. After a few minutes, your mind will literally escape to its’ own version of heaven.

These systems are great for reducing or alleviating stress, headaches, body aches and even to help re-energize you.

Light Therapy Products (See Links Above For Full Line of Products)

We have additional wellness products including the Revive 3X Laser which is a laser to help reduce the effects of aging and muscle and joint pain. Our Revive LED Therapy pad helps shed fat, aids in wound healing including burn treatment as well as muscle pain. We also have a line of Infrared Saunas which are the only units on the market with our exclusive Harmonic Vibrational Frequency Massage. You will also find Jade Massage Beds and an Exclusive in the wellness market the Sound Synergy the most advanced wellness device created and is CE Approved.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We don’t outsource our customer service like many competitors do. We have staff that serve as your health quality advocates each step of the way! From ordering, to designing a wellness plan just for you!


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