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Ionic Detox Footbath, Harmonic Massages Chairs,

& Lasers

We have OPTIONS:

  • A complete line of Detoxification, Nutricuticals and Vibroacoustic therapy systems
  • All products are made with only the highest quality parts and military grade circuit boards
  • Manufactured in America


  • Only company founded on scientific research and supported by a top US trained Physicist
  • Our systems do not leak lead, unlike those manufactured in China
  • All systems and modules meet RoHS and UL specifications


  • Chosen by Creative Health Magazine as one of the Top 5 Companies in the Industry for 2011
  • Sold by major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Sears and Wayfair
  • Used by professional athletes
  • Endorsed and used by top chiropractors
  • In only eight years, we have sold over 12,000 systems
  • Top seller in the natural wellness industry
Main Chaise Sound Synergy LED Therapy Belt Laser

Body Balance System-Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machines, Frequency Vibroacoustic Massage Chairs, & Lasers 

Can you remember having a restful night's sleep? How about having no pain from joint or body discomfort? Do you know how to assist your body in Detox? Can you possibly remember the last time you had a stress-free day? When was the last time you truly felt fantastic? Change your Health and Wellness, and your Life, with the Revive Cleanse Ionic Body Detox Foot Bath System and Harmonic Comfort Vibroacoustic VAT Massage Table and Chair Systems or reduce fine line and wrinkles of the face with our Revive Laser. 

Body Balance System (BBS) is the leader in USA-made, Vibroacoustic Massage or Frequency Massage Chairs Technologies, Ionic Body Detox Foot Bath Systems, lasers and magnetic PEMF. We utilize advanced Technology, highest Quality, ultimate Safety, and maximum Value to Practitioners, Wellness Providers and Consumers. BBS Body Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath Systems the best pricing, lifetime warranty, coupled with superior customer service. Our Ionic Body Detox Foot Bath Systems are the industry leader selling system with over 12,000 Detox systems sold in only 8 years. The BBS Detox Ionic foot bath system is more advanced than any Ionic Body Detox Foot Bath through our partnership with Dr. Ronald Cusson, one of the top US physicists. BBS uses the highest-grade materials in our water modules to provide the safest and most advance Ion Detox foot bath system ever built. The Revive Cleanse Ionic Foot Bath, has the highest customer service on the market, lasts longer, is non-toxic and has the strongest warranty to back these claims. We feel confident that our Ion Detox Foot Bath products are superior and competitively priced, therefore we back them by a 30-day money back guarantee.

The BBS Vibroacoustic VAT or Frequency  Massage Table and Chair Systems are quickly becoming industry leaders like our Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems. Vibroacoustic Therapy or VAT creates a total inner body massage vibrating organs, tissues and cells. This is not a regular massage, it is low frequency sound massage and one of the most amazing massage experiences you will ever have. Vibroacoustic or Physioacoustic massage therapy is low sound frequencies that are transmitted to the body and mind through transducers that convert them to inner body massage. You feel a soothing tickling sensation washing you from within. Experience inner waves harmonizing your subsystems, and clearing the mind, reset your muscles and balance your body and brain. Reduce stress, reduce pain, recharge energies – The Harmonic Comfort Massage Vibroacoustic VAT Table and Chair Systems shower you with healing sound from within. Come see why the Harmonic Comfort Massaging Table and Chairs are sweeping the wellness industry. Our systems have been used by professional athletes, medical doctors, chiropractors, spas to name a few.

The New Revive Laser refreshes and renews your skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and spots on the face, The Revive Laser also helps with muscle and joint pain, TMJ, Migraines and much much more.

We want you to EXPERIENCE CUSTOMER SERVICE as we are known industry wide for our excellent customer service. We will design a complete wellness program with your needs in mind developed by both of our in-house doctors and BBS staff. Know you can call us anytime between 9am to 5 pm PST and get a real knowledgeable BBS support person to answer all your questions. We give you the peace of mind we will be here for years to come to service all your future needs